Low Floor, High Ceiling Tasks

We are charged with providing opportunities for our students to become self-regulated learners.    We guide them to take control of their own learning by instilling certain habits of mind, including:

  • persisting
  • thinking flexibly
  • striving for greater accuracy and precision
  • questioning and problem solving
  • applying past knowledge to new situations
  • thinking and communicating with clarity and precision
  • accessing prior knowledge, transferring that knowledge

This description above (from the CISD Learning Framework) provides a challenge we choose to accept in our mathematics classrooms.

How do we do this in the mathematics classroom?  What learning experiences do we design so that our students have opportunities to establish these habits of mind?

The best resource I can recommend for any work in building educator content knowledge of mathematics is Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally by Van de Walle, Karp, and Bay-Williams.

Mathematics Teaching Developmentally

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