My Mission Statement

I’m a coach at heart.  I love helping others grow.  I see good in people, operate with a growth mindset, and proudly sport my rose-colored glasses.  Yes, I’m a sunshine pumper and proud of it!  I know I cannot encourage, support, or dedicate myself to the growth of anyone without the belief that they harbor some capacity to improve.  And, the amount of time and effort invested in others is always well worth it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to have an impactful conversation with another coach-at-heart, Ainsley Rose.  Ainsley is a member of Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching Team.  Amongst many other insightful comments he made, the first that called me to action was my need for a personal/professional mission statement.

So, I asked myself these questions (which came to mind as fast as I could scratch them down on paper):

  • What is important to me?
  • What impact do I want to make?
  • Why do I do the work that I do?
  • What makes a difference to the people I encounter?
  • What makes the good days good?
  • What is missing from my not-so-good days?

The answers…

  • inspire – I want others to be better, personally and professionally, because they have interacted with me (short term or long term).
  • honor – People should feel they are important.  They should be valued.  The alternative, feeling unimportant and not valued, is so detrimental and so challenging from which to recover, showing honor is not negotiable.  I want to honor people.
  • celebrate – When awesome things happen, we should celebrate – small things and big things.  It’s all about perspective – what is small to one may be huge to another.  I want to celebrate others for who they are and what they do.
  • acknowledge – Recognition of others’ insight, perspective, time, and even presence matters.  I want to acknowledge other people, all people.
  • notice – The phrase I see you is worth its weight in gold!  It is so important to show a little kindness and think of others and notice people – sometimes those who should be noticed are right in front of us.  I want to notice others.

And that was it.  Inspire. Honor. Celebrate. Acknowledge. Notice. That sums me up.  That is my mission.

Then, I rearranged the words and they beautifully spelled C-H-A-I-N, as in a chain reaction.  That was it.  I want to start a chain reaction.


My next step is to test this out.  Own it.  Share it.  Determine if it really, really fits me as much as I feel that it does today.

What is your personal/professional mission statement?


Don’t have one yet?  If you are interested in a little more structure to develop your mission statement, I found this gem (from West Virginia Department of Education), thanks to the wonder of the internet: Developing Your Own Personal Mission Statement.  In all honesty, I didn’t use this tool to build my mission statement, but I did use it to verify that what had fallen into place was what I would be proud to claim as my own.

My mission is to celebrate, honor, acknowledge, inspire, and notice others.

I can relate to Pete the Cat when he realized he didn’t need his magic sunglasses – I know to look for the good in every day.