Explain Everything: Addition with Regrouping

I am participating in the CISD Digital Learning Coach Blogging Challenge.  I have chosen to utilize Explain Everything in a new way and reflect on the experience and outcome with this blog post.

Inspired by this video by Graham Fletcher, I decided to try Explain Everything with ten frames and counters for grade 1 (addition with regrouping).  Knowing the process of regrouping is as important, or even more important than, the solution to an addition problem, I realized a digital tool such as Explain Everything could be used to capture learners’ thinking.

First, I made this template:


This is an image, click the link below to access the file (on your iPad).

Link to Explain Everything File

Then came the easy part…hand it to children and let them explore.  With no support and one take later, these files were saved on my iPad:


Notice the problem has been changed.  She did that herself!


And another…Notice she gives herself a smiley face!

In a setting that is not 1:1 (iPads for every learner), educators could choose to set up a station with a single iPad loaded with the template file to capture learners’ thinking.

Also, educators could use Explain Everything to create video explanations to share with learners and parents.  There is so much power in hearing someone’s voice and understand their thinking.

I love Explain Everything – it has such potential in the classroom even for our youngest of learners!