End of Year Teacher Gifts: Promoting Classroom Libraries

As a former classroom educator and current parent of young children, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the work of the teachers throughout the year.  At the end of the year, I see it as one last time to say thank you for their patience, kind words, support, long hours, intentional lesson design, feedback, and celebrations they share with my children (and all of the children they serve).

This year, my daughters and I decided to intentionally select one book for each of their teachers to contribute to their classroom library.  I can hardly explain the joy the girls experienced at the bookstore, hunting for the perfect book for each one.  Many of the books were decided upon long before the trip to the bookstore – as was the case for Rosie Revere Engineer and Madeline.


Truly, the gesture of appreciation was not the book.  The gesture was the note the girls wrote to each teacher to attach to the books.  My youngest is in Pre-K and these were her words…


“Dear Ms. Dowden, I hope you love the book.  Love Stella”

This was my way of showing appreciation for teachers this spring.  Everyone shows appreciation differently.  That’s ok – as long as you do.

Sometimes my appreciation is shown through kind words (a gift is not always necessary).  I sent this email to my daughter’s science teacher last spring.  It was my hope that her teacher knew the impact she was making on a regular day – not Teacher Appreciation Day, not the Last Day, and not her birthday, but a regular Monday.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.36.45 PM.png

I appreciate teachers.