Keynote + Garageband + iMovie = Subitizing Video

Subitizing is the instant recognition of the total number of objects in an image.  Early in mathematics, children use perceptual subitizing to identify quantity – think about dots on dice.  When you see the three, you don’t count one-two-three, you know it’s three.cube-689619_1280.jpg

Later, children use conceptual subitizing to identify quantity as units of units.  That is, they see the seven as three-one-three (or three-three-one).dominoes.jpg

Read more about subitizing in this article by NCTM: Subitizing: What is it?  Why Teach it?

So, in my pursuit to challenge myself technologically and utilize some great tools from Apple, I created this video below.  Note: again, I restricted myself to one hour for this work.



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