My Favorite


It is week two of #MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative and I am excited to share My Favorite!

My favorite app for sketching is Paper.  I have used this app for a few years now to document my learning at professional development conferences and key notes.  Many of my sketch notes are linked on my blog here.  I am beginning to embrace the updates which include photo annotation and a Think Kit.  I was a fan of the app before these enhancements because it was so simple.

I have pasted a quick sketch below of a concept in upper elementary mathematics (additive patterns in tables and graphs) I made using Paper.  Notice how I jumped over to another favorite of mine, Desmos, and grabbed a screenshot (saved to my camera roll) to embed in my sketch.  I also used the Think Kit to create the squares and quickly duplicate them.

Using Desmos rather than hand sketching the graph supports the importance of precision in mathematics and allows me to verify the accuracy of my equation.




3 thoughts on “My Favorite

  1. I’ve heard about this app, but seeing an example makes me really want to go use it. Thanks for the image and proof that you can put lots of different things (shapes, picture, text, etc.) all on one note.


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