One Good Thing

It is Week One of #MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative and I have great news!  My book, Collaborative Inquiry and Educator Professional Development is available on iBooks!  Knowing the topic for the first blogging prompt, I found myself on the lookout for one good thing.  I actually made a list of good things today as I encountered them (rose-colored glasses and all), but they were out-matched by the wonderful email from the iBooks team I received this afternoon.

Here’s a summary:  Utilization of the inquiry model (ask, investigate, create, discuss, and reflect) with teachers provides opportunities for positive change in schools.  In comparison to traditional professional learning, the inquiry model establishes teachers in an active role in designing and experiencing learning.  Teachers work in collaboration with peers, exploring and reflecting on new knowledge and making a commitment to a change in practice.

So, check it out!  That’s my one good thing!


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