State Board of Education: Learning Roundtable

Yesterday, I had the powerful opportunity to speak to the Texas State Board of Education at a Learning Roundtable, Educating the Digital Generation.  Surrounded by Superintendents, Researchers, Publishers, Experts, and Instructional Technology Directors, I listened, watched and learned for quite an inspirational day at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

For the two hours preceding my assigned speaking time, I wrestled with the question – What makes the content I intend to share worthy of listening?  I made quick adjustments to my speaking notes and I started with this … My name is Mary Kemper.  I serve as the Director of Mathematics in Coppell ISD.  More importantly, I am a proud product of Texas Public Schools.  I have a vested interest in our schools.  My children are/will be students in Texas Public Schools.  And, 11,000+ learners in CISD are impacted by my work.

I shared how we ensure alignment of our content to the TEKS…


I elaborated that one key to student success lies in the educator.  That is, we must work to build our teachers to become content and pedagogy experts.  Then, they will be empowered to design and deliver quality learning experiences as well as speak to parents about  mathematics.


I explained how we strive to provide professional development that answers the following 6 questions in the affirmative:


I clarified how we utilize the following 8 requirements when considering Open Educational Resources for our classrooms:


Finally, my recommendation for the State of Texas in terms of supporting teaching and learning mathematics includes…


What an opportunity it was to speak to such an audience as the State Board of Education.  I was honored to receive the invitation and will reflect on this as a high point in my career.



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