ADE Institute 2015

In April 2015 I received a message that opened doors I did not know existed.  The email read…Congratulations, you’ve been selected to join the Apple Distinguished Educators Class of 2015.  Still today I read that and pause.  Wow.  Me.  This was going to be my opportunity to make a greater impact.  Ready or not.

FullSizeRender 2

A few short months later, I traveled to the ADE 2015 Institute and was welcomed with open arms into a community of visionary educators.  Had we met before?  Seemed so.

I am humbled to be surrounded by such passion.  Such knowledge.  Such generous spirits with an abundance mentality like never before.  And now, they are we and I am still in awe of the opportunity that I have been given.

In my attempt to describe the experience of the Institute, I have realized it has taken me 54 days to get to this point.  I have circled back to three notes I made while there and won’t soon forget.

  • We are: Trusted advisors. Authentic authors. Passionate advocates. Global ambassadors.

Yes we are.  I would not have used those terms to describe myself 13 years ago in that classroom 8th graders on my first day of teaching.  But now, yes.  Proudly, yes.

  • Be a force for good in the world.  

What a powerful statement.  Thank you, Daniel Goleman for that.  Yes, do the right thing.  Do it all the time.  Be that powerful force that drives the good.

  • We hope you have found a home.

I have found a home.  It is great.  It is full of people that work hard to make a greater impact.

To my ADE friends, I see you.  I see the impact you are making and I see the purpose behind your passion.

I am grateful for this opportunity.  I am humbled to be part of this network of ADEs.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I know this: it will be greater than today!


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